Seasonal Road Closures



This list is limited to UDOT's numbered State Routes, and does not include any local county or forest roads.

Note: This report does not include temporary incident road closures.
Check the "Emergency Alerts" and "Road Conditions Alerts" links on the UDOT Traffic home page for active temporary road closures.

Updated: Monday, May 02, 2016

SR 35 Wolf Creek  Pass
 Francis to Hanna – Milepost 12 to 27

Wolf Creek Pass Weather Station

SR 39 Monte Cristo
East of Ogden – Milepost 37 to 55.5. 
SR 65 East Canyon
Northeast of Salt Lake City – Milepost 3 to 13.2  

Big Mountain Pass Weather Station

SR 148 Cedar Breaks
East of Cedar City – Milepost 0.2 to 19


SR 150 Mirror Lake Highway
Bald Mountain Pass Weather Station


SR 224 Guardsman Pass
Park City to Midway


Lake Powell Ferry

The Ferry is open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Visit or call (435) 893-4747 for information.

SR-153 Mt. Holly Junction Road
Closed in winter from Puffer Lake to Junction.

SR-153 Summit Weather Station

SR 190 Guardsman Pass
Big Cottonwood Canyon ( SR-190/Brighton) to Park City (Junction with SR 224)
SR 92 American Fork/Alpine Loop
Milepost 14 to Milepost 22.5

* These roads are generally closed between October and May each year. Some roads may remain closed until June.

This report will be updated as the roadway status changes.

For the 2015-2016 Winter Season:

The following routes will be plowed during daytime hours only:

SR 14 between MP 0 and 5, and MP 27 to US 89 Junction
SR 35 from SR 32 to Seasonal Closure at Milepost 12.
SR 150 from Kamas to Seasonal Closure at Milepost 14.
SR 65 from Henefer to Morgan County line.
SR 36 from Vernon to Utah County line.
SR 199 from SR 36 to Dugway (Johnson's Pass)..
SR 196 from I-80 to Dugway (Skull Valley Road).
SR 202 from SR 201 to I-80.
SR 153 from Beaver to Seasonal Closure at Milepost 22.
SR 21 between MP 11 and MP 76
SR 12 between MP 110.5 to 122.8
SR 25 between MP 0 and MP 10
SR 72 between MP 0 and MP 35.3
SR 29 between MP 0 and MP 15
SR 57 between MP 5 and MP 10.691
SR 124 between MP 0 and MP 5.5
SR 122 between MP 0 and MP 8.75
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