Leadership Team: Roles and Responsibilities
  • Director of Traffic Management

    Rob Wight
    • Administration

      Barbara Adams
    • ITS Program Management

      Tyler Laing
    • ITS System Maintenance

      Eric Rasband
    • Public Involvement / Traveler Information

      Lisa Miller
    • Traffic Operations

      John Leonard
    • Traffic Signal Operations

      Mark Taylor
    • Traffic Operations Analysis & Reporting

      Grant Farnsworth
    • Technology & Innovation

      Blaine Leonard
Roles and Responsibilities: Roles and Responsibilities: Roles and Responsibilities: Roles and Responsibilities: Roles and Responsibilities: Roles and Responsibilities: Roles and Responsibilities: Roles and Responsibilities:
  • TMD budget monitoring and control
  • Purchasing and payments
  • TOC building management
  • ITS project management reporting
  • Payroll
  • HR liaison
  • Elec tech training program support
  • TOC reception

  • Admin Org Chart
  • Long range ITS Planning
  • MPO coordination (CMAQ)
  • ITS program management
  • Project development
  • Project accounting
  • Coordination with Regions
  • ITS Std Drawings & Specs
  • Consultant contract admin for ATMS projects
  • State-furnished materials

  • ITS Deployment Org Chart
  • ATMS asset management
  • System health monitoring
  • Maintenance budgeting and life cycle analysis
  • ATMS device maintenance
  • Fiber system management
  • Work order tracking and prioritization of repairs
  • Contract administration

  • Maintenance Org Chart
  • Interface with media/ public/ agencies
  • Liaison to Communications Office
  • Oversight of TMD traveler information program
  • 511 program management
  • UDOT Traffic twitter account manager
  • Control room operations
  • Weather operations
  • Ramp metering
  • Express lane program
  • Congestion monitoring
  • Traffic modeling / user costs
  • Emergency Management
  • IMT program coordination

  • Traffic Operations Org Chart

    IMT Org Chart
  • Traffic signal maintenance
  • Traffic signal timing and optimization
  • Event / incident traffic signal operation
  • Performance measures and reporting
  • Coodination with Regions on signal operations
  • Consultant contract admin for signal operations

  • Signal Operations Org Chart
  • Traffic operations support for Projects
  • Department operations support
  • User cost development
  • Traffic Operations Performance Management

  • Traffic Analysis Org Chart
  • Focus on the use of emerging technologies and innovative practice to mitigate congestion and improve safety

  • Technology & Innovation Org Chart

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