Clean Vehicle Pass Application

  • The Clean Vehicle Program cost is $10. Payment information will be emailed when you are offered a pass.

  • All fields marked with (*) are required and must be filled in for the application to be submitted.

  • The owner's first and last name or company name must match the name on the vehicle registration. If the vehicle is registered under a company name only, enter n/a in the first and last name fields and enter the name of the person completing the application in the notes field.

  • Permanent license plate numbers are required at the time of application.

  • The address entered on the application must match the address on DMV records. Addresses can be updated at:http://dmv.utah.gov/.

  • To transfer a pass – Include your current permit number, license plate number, VIN or pass number in the appropriate section of the application.

To apply for a Clean Vehicle Pass please complete the application below.

To check your application status, click on this button:

Vehicle Owner's Name

Vehicle Co-Owner's Name

Company Name

Owner Contact Information

Owner address must match the registered address of the vehicle.

If these addresses do not match, please visit https://dmv.utah.gov/ to update your information.

The mailing address is different

Vehicle Information

Click here for transfer information.