Road Weather Alert

Valley and Mountain Road Snow Continues
Forecast Period: Now through 6am Monday
Text Updated: 2 AM Sunday, March 3rd, 2024
Snow showers will begin to develop over the northern valley/mountain areas early Sunday morning. These showers will last into the afternoon, with the heaviest coming down in the morning. The best bet for minor road snow in the urban corridor will be in the morning as road temperatures stay below freezing. As we approach mid-day, snow showers will dwindle and road snow will become unlikely. The mountain routes will be more so prone to last into the late afternoon/evening, allowing for a couple inches of snow. The northern half of the state will dry out by the evening.
Central Utah will likely have snow/snow showers lasting through the day and night. Snow showers will be the main story for the morning with heavier rates of snow possible towards the afternoon. The I-15 corridor will largely see a possibility of slush ups in the morning with more measurable snow in the afternoon. The central mountain routes, centered around I-70 could see near 1” per hour rates, partially in the evening and overnight hours.
Motorists are advised to use caution and TravelWise. Motorists using canyon and mountain routes should be aware that Traction Laws may be enforced.
The following routes will experience weather-related travel concerns during the forecast period: 
I-15, Idaho Border through Cedar City
I-80, Grassy Mountain through SLC to WY border
I-70, Cove Fort through Salina Summit
US-89, ID border to Mt Carmel Junction
US-189, Entire Route
US-191, WY border to north of Vernal; Duchesne to Price (Indian Canyon); SR-46 Junction to North of Monticello
US-40, Entire route
US-6, NV border through Helper
SR-190 Big Cottonwood, Entire route
SR-210 Little Cottonwood, Entire route
SR-21, Entire route
SR-31, Entire route
SR-35, Entire route
SR-36, Entire route
SR-39, Entire route
SR-20, Entire route
SR-143, Entire route
SR-153, Entire route
SR-14, Entire route
SR-150, Entire route
SR-158, Entire route
SR-12, US-89 Junction to Bryce Canyon
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**This document is intended to be a forecast of statewide storm impacts. For current roadway conditions and restrictions, refer back to the home page.**
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