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Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures

ATSPM's show real-time and historical functionality at signalized intersections. This allows traffic engineers to directly measure what previously could only be estimated and modeled.

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The following are those who have contributed changes to the ATSPM system:

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What's New

Version 4.3.1 (Jan 2023)


  • The ConvertDBForHistoricalConfigurations executable has been added to the executables folder.

  • A bug that can prevent the chart usage report from working has been fixed.

  • The Split Fail measure now shows the full time span selected.

  • The method the Arrivals On Red measure uses to create bins has been updated to prevent boundary issues.

  • A bug preventing the FTPfromasc3 project from running properly has been fixed.

  • Additional updates have been made to the aggregation tables and programs.

  • A bug in the Wait Time measure has been fixed; Phase Call Dropped events are now considered whenever stop bar presence detection is being used.

Version 4.3 (May 2022)


  • Wait Time Measure

    New measure calculating the average wait time for vehicles by approach and movement.

  • Left Turn Gap Report

    Left turn phasing analysis based on existing gaps, volumes, and critical gap.

  • Options and Thresholds

    New admin page with the ability to modify default options and thresholds for all measures.

What's Next

Version 5.0 (Anticipated Release: 2023)
  • Backend

    -Migrate to .NET 6.0

    -Migrate to Entity Framework Core 6.0

    -Improved API

  • New Measures

    -Green-Time Distribution

    -Time-Space Diagram

  • Additional Features

    -Options to download data in raw or 15-minute aggregated forms

    -Improved data compression